Top Three Reasons Students Should Get A Temp Job

School holidays and university breaks are fast approaching and for many uni-students this can be a great chance to get a job in the school holiday. In this blog post we look at just three of the many reasons that students should get a temp job this school holiday.

Make Money

This is perhaps the most obvious reasons students should get a temp job during the school holidays. A job, even a few hours a week, will get some extra pennies in the bank. Reports show that the average maintenance loan is nearly £300 less than the average student spends on living. Get a part time job or some temp work to bridge that gap. When you go back to university you will have extra money to pay those bills, get some nice food in and for going out and socialising too!

Meet People

A temp job during the school holidays is a great way to network and meet new people. These could be friends that you stay in touch with for years to come, for example.  Alternatively, the people you meet in your temp job could become people that will benefit your future career. Why not consider a temp job during the holidays to make some new friends and business contacts too.

CV Boosting

Studying at university will give you great results that you can show to potential employers; but what makes you different to everyone else studying your course? A temporary job can help boost your CV with skills and experience. It will show a potential employer that you have experience of the working world too. If you can find temp work that relates to your dream career then this will be even better for your CV. Relevant work experience will make you even more attractive to a potential employer.

If you’re coming up to school holidays and wondering how to spend your time, why not think about a temp job in Huntingdon? These are just some of the reasons students should get a temp job, but if you call us we can share many more reasons with you.

Contact us now to book an interview with our recruitment consultants in Huntingdon and who knows what brilliant temp job we can get sorted or you.