Many of the UK workforce are working from home. However, people are struggling getting their head round the process of working from home. Working from home is not a skill that comes naturally to a lot of people. But do not despair, help is at hand. We share some top tips for working from home with you. We hope they help;

Keep Regular Hours

Working from home does not mean less or more hours. You need to stick to the same hours. While you may have to manage childcare while schools are closed, you still need to keep regular hours. Perhaps your working hours could change from 9am-5pm, to 12noon-8pm for example? Set yourself a schedule of the hours you will work and try to stick to it.

Create a Routine

We all have a morning routine before we go to the office for the day, but you need to have a morning routine for home too. Maybe go for a jog before you start work each morning? Wearing your PJs to work could negatively affect your productivity. Meanwhile the process of getting up, washed and changed could be the kick-start to the day that you need.

Set Ground Rules with Others

If you live with others, you need to set ground rules with them. For example, if you have children at home explain to them that you need to work at these set times. Talk about your space too. If you are working from the kitchen table, then others in the family can’t use that space while you are. If you have a spare room you work from, make it clear that during set times you can’t be disturbed.

Have Breaks

You can’t work all day through, just like you wouldn’t at work. Schedule yourself breaks into the day. This could be a cigarette break, a lunch break or just time to get away from your desk space and get some fresh air. You’ll come back to your desk space feeling invigorated and more focused.

Get Out the House

If you can leave you home, then do. Even if it is just treating yourself to lunch in the garden or taking an afternoon stroll. This fresh air will help boost your mood and your work productivity too. Your body needs to move throughout the day. Even if you just weed the garden for 20 minutes.

You’re Not Alone

If you need help with something, ask. Instead of sending an email, why not consider a video call. Your colleagues will be just as grateful to ‘see’ someone else and will enjoy the chance t catch up with another human being outside their own home. If you need hardware, software, advice or support – make sure you ask for it.

What are your top tips for working from home?