Transferable Skills You Can Gain From Working In Hospitality

While you may wonder what a waiter or waitressing job can add to your CV while you’re only doing it as a short-term think until the right job comes along. This is a temporary job that can offer some really good transferable skills from working in hospitality. Put these on your CV and that will help you stand out as a candidate.

You may see the job as cleaning tables, delivering food, filling up sauce trays, tidying up the restaurant, locking up at home time, counting stock and talking to customers. These are actually transferable skills that your future employer will love.

What Transferable Skills Can You Gain From Working In Hospitality?

  1. Time Management Skills

As a server working in hospitality you need to carefully juggle your time. Juggling between taking orders, serving food, clearing tables, offering desserts, refilling drinks and more. These are excellent time management skills that you are gaining here.

  1. Organisational Skills

You need to be organised to be able to serve several tables at a time. This includes the need to keep track of orders, what food has gone out and which table are waiting for what. You also want to make sure everyone pays their bill before they leave.

  1. Crisis Management Skills

There are lots of mini crisis situations you will need to manage when you work in hospitality. Such as what to do when the food your customer orders is burnt, if you are covering two zones when a colleague is on a break, when you’re out of a popular item and similar issues. Keeping a cool head in times of stress is a great transferable skill to learn.

  1. Communication Skills

Every customer you serve will be different in the hospitality industry. They’ll be of different ages, group sizes and have different expectations. Your job is to make the customer happy, regardless. This will take strong communication skills.

  1. Team Work Skills

You are never working alone in the hospitality industry so you’ll be gaining and improving on your team work skills at all times. In most businesses you’ll be working with colleagues too. This is a skill that your future employer will want to know more about.


These are just some of the skills you can gain from working in hospitality and that can be transferable skills that employers will be looking for from candidates and potential employees. Why not do some hospitality temp work to gain evidence of these skills, and don’t forget to add this job on your CV if you’ve done it before.