Want To Be A Forklift Driver In Cambridgeshire?

Do you want to be a forklift driver in Cambridgeshire? Maybe you have heard about the job and think it might be for you, but you want to know more? Then this blog post is for you. We share all you need to know if you want to be a forklift driver in Cambridgeshire.

It’s important to note that the job of a forklift driver is one of the most underrated job roles. As a forklift truck driver in Cambridgeshire, you are an essential part of the smooth running of a factory or warehouse and society as a whole in some cases.

Job security can be a really stressful concern for many people. However, as a full trained forklift driver in Cambridgeshire this is rarely an issue. In fact, this job is one of the most employable job roles in the world. There will always be a need for it. Research shows that 97% that complete a FLT driving course get work within 4 weeks.

With the growth in demand for online deliveries, the growth in demand for forklift truck drivers is there too.  Check out our latest vacancies and you’ll see we currently have some jobs available for forklift truck drivers in Huntingdon, Cambridge and surrounding areas.

A forklift truck driver in a warehouse is also known as a Material Handler. This is because they move large amounts of goods, such as stock, between units and shelves. The job responsibilities of a forklift driver will include things like moving delivered products on and off vehicles and moving pallets of products between warehouse racks. They also manage stock control.

There are different types of forklift trucks. These include hand trucks, counterbalance trucks, sit down forklifts, stand up forklifts, cherry pickers, pallet racks, reach forklifts and more. When applying for a forklift driver job in Cambridgeshire make sure you have the skills and qualifications required in the job description.

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