What Does A Factory Worker In Huntingdon Do?

Here at Point Recruitment in Huntingdon, we help a lot of local factories in Huntingdon with factory workers. These are roles and vacancies we often have availabilities for as we gain new clients, and our clients factories grow as business improves.

Have you considering working as a factory worker in Huntingdon but you’re not sure what the role entails? Then this is the blog post for you. In this blog post we help you understand just some of the many things that a factory worker in Huntingdon does.

It’s important to note that as a factory worker you may have a regular working area. Alternatively, you may have different areas that you work in. This can include a variety of tasks that you are assigned to do. Below we have listed some of the more common tasks that you can be expected to be assigned to when employed as a factory worker.

  • You may be expected to operate and monitor machinery. Of course, you will be trained on how to operate and monitor the machinery before assigned this task.
  • As a factory worker, you may be taught how to assemble products and parts before sending them to their next step.
  • It may be that you are assigned to sort products and complete quality control on these products. This will include checking the products to ensure that they meet the stated standards. You will also need to remove any defective products.
  • You may be given the task of inspecting and selecting finished products to spot check and quality check them.
  • As a factory worker you may be asked to pack products into standard boxes and containers so they can be shipped to customers or put safely into storage.
  • You will be expected to maintain a neat and sterile plant processing environment. You may also be given this as a task, to oversee the rest of the warehouse.
  • It may be your role to manage the automated methods and temperatures for manufacturing products.
  • Some factory workers will also be expected to operate a pallet jack and forklift. If these qualifications are required, then this will be requested in the job advert. However, some companies will offer forklift training to the right candidates.
  • You may find that you are assigned with the task of cleaning work areas within the factory to ensure that they comply with health and safety compliance.
  • As a factory worker, you will be expected to follow all safety procedures to fulfil requirements and avoid any accidents.

If you would like to know more about working as a factory worker in Huntingdon, call our team directly. Looking for work as a factory worker? Check out our latest vacancies here.