What NOT To Say In An Interview

In previous blogs, when meeting candidates and across our social media we share interview tips and ideas of things that you should say in interviews. However in this blog post we thought we would change it up a bit. We wanted to share some things with you that you should NOT say in an interview.

As in every part of life, it is always recommended that you think before you speak. While there may be something you are thinking about saying, make sure you consider the impact of what you say. For example, if they share the same name as your ex-partner, they don’t need to know that. They also don’t need to know that your mum has the same top as them.

An interview is one of those times when saying too much can definitely work against you. Companies want positive people in their teams, not a Negative Nancy. If you spend the first part of the interview moaning about how long it took to get here, that your kids were being clingy this morning or the fact you couldn’t find the business, your interview will not go well.

It is likely you will be asked why you left your last job. You need to think about what to say in an interview beforehand. You could avoid the question by talking about the reasons you have applied for this job and why you think it will be so good for you. You could say that you are looking for new challenges perhaps.

You want to avoid saying because you really hate your job, because this is negative. However you could talk about the parts of your job that you dislike. You should avoid saying because your boss won’t give you time off for a last-minute holiday. This can make you come across as flaky, not dedicated and not serious about your working career. You should also avoid saying because your boss is rubbish as this doesn’t set a good impression of you.

Never ever leave your phone on for the interview. It needs to be turned off before you enter the interview, or put on silent. Do not say in an interview “Do you mind if I get this?” While they may say they don’t mind, they will. That phone call could risk a future career with that employer.

If you asked about your previous experiences or work history avoid saying “It’s in my CV”. The recruiter knows it is, but they want to hear it from you. This will help them see who you are, how passionate you are and how you speak about your work experience.

Finally, the final point on our list of what NOT to say in an interview is “Sorry I’m Late!” Instead ensure you are not late. You need to make the best possible first impression to your potential future employer. This will not be possible if you are late for your interview.