What Should My Next Job Be?

Are you wondering what your next job should be? Maybe you are feeling unhappy in your current role, but you’re not sure what to do next? This this blog post is for you. We talk through various points of consideration to help you decide what your next job should be.

The first thing to note is that everyone is different. We all have different likes and dislikes. We all have different interests, skills and experience too. Our recruitment agents in Huntingdon meet a lot of candidates. This makes us great at really understanding our candidates, as well as the job and company they want to work for. We will discuss a few different considerations with our candidates, as we have listed below.

Where Are You Now?

The first thing to look at is where you are right now. Are you in employment, looking for that next step or returning after a career break? Why are you looking for that next job? Are you unhappy doing what you’re doing? Perhaps you’d rather work for a smaller or larger organisation? Is it a new job you’re looking for, or a new company? It’s important to know for you, so you are happy in your next job role. If you’re currently out of work, then would it be better to have a stop-gap job while you search for something more permanent?

What Do You Enjoy?

Think about what you really enjoy. While you may have trained or studied in one area, is that the job you want to spend the rest of your life in? Think about the natural skills you have and enjoy using. This could include skills like being a good communicator, public speaker or listener for example. If you’re not sure of your own skills, then ask friends what they think you are good at. Take the time to look back over previous jobs and hobbies. What have you been really good at? It can be hard to figure out what your own skills are as they come so naturally to you. However, they are still really important and valuable to your future employer.

Who Do You Want To Work For?

It’s not always the job you want that you need to consider. It’s also the company or employer that you want to work for. Do you want to work for a well-known business, a massive corporation or a small, up and coming business? Would you like a business that has been around for years and years, or a start-up where you can be part of the journey. Think about the culture of the company you want to work for too.

Looking for your next job? Speak to our team of recruitment consultants in Huntingdon to help you choose the right next job for you.