What To Ask In An Interview?

The worst question asked by interviewers for many job seekers is “Do you have any questions?”. It is easy to fall into the trap of the interviewer asking the questions, but interviews commonly end with you getting a chance to ask questions and this is something you need to be prepared for.

By asking the right questions it will show you have a genuine interest in the business and the job role, but it is also a chance to show that you know about the business and you just want to know a little bit more.

We have put together some examples of the sorts of questions you can ask, when the interviewer asks you if you have any questions;

Why Are You Recruiting For This Role?

This gives you a chance to find out why the role is vacant, if the person has been promoted, if you’ll be working with the person that’s job you will be doing. An interview is a two way thing; you need to make sure the ex-employee (if there is one) left for the right reasons.

Who Will I Be Working With?

You can ask the teams or how many people you will be working with, but also who you will be reporting too. This can help you decide if you like the structure of the business, but it will also help you understand how your role fits into the business.

I Know Your Value Is … How Does That Value Work In The Workplace?

This sort of question shows that you have done your research into the business you want to work for. It also means that if there is a value that stands out to you, you can make sure that the company are true to their values.

Are Their Opportunities For Progression?

If you are looking for step up on the career ladder and want career progression then this question is a ‘must-ask’ for you. If there is no possible progression in the future then you will know before you start the job, not 5 years down the line.

Is There Any Training?

You may want to explain that you know every company does things differently so you wondered what training is available. This shows the interviewer that you have a willingness to learn which creates a great attitude towards learning and progression, which will stand you in good stead with the potential employer.

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