In our previous blog post we shared advice and guidance to ask for a pay rise from your boss. If you feel like you should be earning more, then you need to ask for a pay rise. Often bosses will think you are happy with your salary. Unless you ask your boss for a pay rise, you may on the same salary for the next 10 years.

While it can be scary asking for a pay rise, the worst thing that can happen is that your boss can say no. So, what should you do if your boss says no to a pay rise? It can be demoralising and even hurtful to hear your boss say no to a pay rise. But the result if they say yes and is something pretty special!

In this blog post we share advice on what to do if your boss says no to a pay rise.

  • Stay Calm

While you may be seething inside because it took so much confidence to come to them and ask, plus you think you deserve a higher salary – make sure you keep calm. When you approach your boss for a pay rise have the facts that back up why you feel you deserve a pay rise. This could be all the responsibilities you have taken on, individual achievements or even salaries for similar jobs elsewhere. If your boss still says no, then take a deep breath, thank them for their time and walk away. Then really think about what you want to do next. Spend time talking to friends and family members and see what they think. Remember, it is your choice.

  • Ask The Question

There may be a real and very valid reason that your boss has said no to your pay rise request. However, you’ll never know the reason if you don’t ask the question. Times have been pretty tough during the pandemic. The business may not have picked up enough to worthy a pay rise. It may be a case of the business just not having enough in the budget to enable a pay rise for you. However, this is your chance to ask when a pay review will be possible. If it doesn’t look likely at all, then you can decide if you stay or go. Alternatively, your boss may make recommendations or improvements that you can make to worthy a pay rise in the future. Make sure you request a future pay review date and follow up on it too. Don’t let your boss use ‘not enough money in the budget’ as an excuse forever – especially if you know the business is doing well.

  • Is It Time To Go?

Is it just the pay that you are unhappy with? Once in a while you will find you have a terrible boss or really dislike the job you are in. Will a pay rise really make the job you hate worthwhile? It might for a little while, but not in the long run. If you feel that you really do deserve a pay rise and believe that the company can afford it, then it might be time to go. In every job it is important to feel appreciated and never undervalued.

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