When Is The Best Time Of Year To Find A New Job?

People leave jobs, hunt for new employments and start new jobs all the time. This means that new jobs and new opportunities are open for potential new talent as people leave the business or as the business grows. Alternatively businesses have new projects that begin and new employees are required.

But is there a time that is best for finding a new job?

It’s true; some periods of the year are better than others for finding a new job – but these might not be the times that you expect.

Many job seekers presume that January is when businesses have a ‘hiring peak’ as they get going again after the Christmas period, they may have new budgets and goals for the year ahead and this results in a need for hiring new talent.

However, while it is true there is a distinct peak in jobs advertised at this time, it’s not always the best time to apply for a new job.

The reason that more jobs are advertised in January, and more people are employed, may actually be because hiring was so slow in December. In December businesses are slowing down for the Christmas holidays. Candidates are interviewed, but often their start dates are put back to the New Year.

There is an issue with job hunting in January too. This is because there are so many people that are launching their job hunting in the New Year with hopes of “New Year, New You and New Job”. This means there is lots more competition for each job that is advertised, or each job role that is available.

There are certain months where the number of job roles advertised, exceed the yearly average. These months are February, March, May, June, October and November. These months and findings came from a report by Executives Online that looked at hiring data from the last ten years.

The report also found that the slowest months for companies hiring new talent for their businesses was December, which was closely followed by August.

If you’re looking for a new job or a career move why not speak to a recruitment consultant in Huntingdon to talk about the best career opportunities out there for you? While you may be planning to jump ship in January, it may be worth waiting just a few weeks longer?