Why Are Pre-Employment Background Checks Important?

Hiring a new employee is a big investment for any company. You employ someone with hope that they will stay within your organisation for some time, and that they will continually deliver an excellent standard of work.

However, when you hire the wrong candidate this can result in serious damage to the business.

You could bring in a new employee that is not right for the company and they bring down others in the team, cause friction within the business, upset colleagues, and lose clients, lower workplace morale and so much more.

The best case scenario is that you quickly realise the person is not right for the job or your business, they agree, and they quickly move on; However, this not always the scenario that takes place. This is why pre-employment background checks are so important.

You can lower your chances of employing the wrong person by completing background checks. This will reveal if a candidate has been dishonest about their grades, skills, experience or work history, for example. It will show anything they may have hidden or been dishonest about within their CV or during an interview.

The issue with pre-employment background checks is that they can take lots of time to complete. This means you are taking time away from what you are good at, which could be costing you and the business money.

So why not hire the services of a recruitment agency; for example, Point Recruitment.

We have fully trained, professional and experienced recruitment consultants that will complete these pre-employment background checks for you, so you know you’re in safe hands when you hire your next candidate through Point Recruitment.

We will check that the candidate is verified and qualified. We will speak to previous employers to perform a character check. We will perform background checks to ensure that your business, employees and customers are protected. And we will do all of this to help reduce your company’s liability by helping ensure you only employ candidates that had a pre-employment screening.

Here at Point Recruitment we have heard so many ‘bad hire’ horror stories. We know how costly, frustrating and destructive hiring the wrong person can be.

Contact us now if you’re looking for your next new employee.