Why Did You Leave Your Last Job?

The question of ‘why did you leave your last job?’ is asked in almost every interview.  It is also a question that leaves many candidates stumped. Meanwhile this is the question that can destroy an interview for some candidates.

This is why we have decided to share just some of the answers and responses when asked the question ‘why did you leave your last job’ in your next interview.

It is important to remember that this is not your chance to air all any grievances you had with your previous employer. The interview doesn’t want to know about the annoying lady in accounts, the guy with the smelly lunch, the office politics, gossiping receptionist and more.

This is your chance to come across as professional. By talking about all the problems the interviewer will get the impression you make a lot of unnecessary problems. Therefore you are not the right candidate for them. Put as much of a positive spin on your answer as possible.

Many people will leave their job based on their salary. It is not wrong to leave one job for another with more money, but think about how this makes a potential employer feel. Will they worry you will leave them when you see another job with more money?

Instead of saying you left for more money, say that you left because you want to grow. You could say that you felt there was no room to grow within the business. Alternatively you could say that you are looking for new opportunities in which to progress your career.

If you are currently employed you can still look for a new job. However, be prepared to ask questions about your current role. For example, you may be asked if you would stay at your current job if they offered more money, or how long your notice period is.

For some candidates this can feel like an awkward question as they were fired from their last job. Don’t be too nervous, these things happen. Just think carefully about how you will answer the question. Spin your answer into something positive that demonstrates your willingness to grow.

For example, say that you are ready for a company that better suits your skills and talents. Try not to go into more details than needed and stay positive throughout your answer. Present the facts and move on to the next question.

If you are worried about an upcoming interview give us a call. We would be happy to run through some test interview questions with you and offer advice and guidance to help you bag your next job.