Many people think that December is a bad time to start the job hunt, but actually it could be a good time. There is a bigger decrease in candidates applying for roles during this time of year. Everyone is preparing for Christmas. This means, by hunting for jobs in December you could have more chance of bagging your dream job.

It’s important to be aware that you can’t just start job hunting tomorrow. You need to get things in order. This will help get the wheels in motion so when the dream job does come up, you are ready. For example, use this time to start updating and improving your CV. Speak to recruitment consultants about the jobs you are looking for. They will interview you now, so as soon as your dream job comes in, they can put you forward for it.

Potential employees will want to see examples of your work in some cases. Applying for a job at the end of the year gives you a chance to review everything you have done in the prior year. Like a yearly roundup. All the work will be relevant and recent. This is what a potential employer will love to see. Again, this is something that you can start putting together now, before applying for relevant roles.

December can be a great time to apply for new job roles because businesses are planning budgets for the year ahead. This means that there can often be more wriggle room on salary and commission where relevant. With fewer people applying for job roles in December, you will always be able to stand out and make your skills stand out too. This will show you are worthy of the highest end of the salary bracket.

One of the best things about the job hunt in December, is that you are likely to start the new job in January. It’s that New Year – New Start feeling, where anything can happen. Knowing you have a new job to start and great people to meet helps banish the post-Christmas blues. Instead, you feel excited for what the future may have to offer.

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