There are lots of different reasons that candidates opt for temp work. Here at Point Recruitment in Huntingdon we speak to lots of amazing candidates that are only looking for temp work. In this blog post we look at why some candidates just want to be temporary workers.

One in seven people that have worked in temporary roles have done so as a way to gain experience. In some cases they want to gain experience so they can apply for a role in their ideal industry or for their dream job. In other cases workers may not have had a job before or been in work for a while and therefore temporary work gives them that work experience they need.

12% of people that have been temporary workers chose to do so to enable them to earn more money than they would in a permanent role. In some cases a temporary worker will earn more than a permanent worker. This is because the employer is keen to pay more to attract someone in their urgent moment of need, even in just for a few days or weeks.

24% of temporary workers opted for temp work as a way to earn money quickly. While permanent workers will often be paid on a monthly basis, a temp worker can be paid quickly. The start date for temporary work is often sooner too, in some cases that day or within the next few days. However in permanent roles it can takes days, weeks or even months to go through the recruitment process and start work.

One in four people choose temporary work as the recruitment option of their choice for flexibility. This is ideal if you are starting up your own business or looking for acting / modelling work for example. Temporary work means you are not tied down to a job, but can still bring in money to pay for essentials.

16% of women chose temp work as it means they can work flexible hours around their children’s needs. For example, in a full time job it can be tricky to get all school holidays off. However, this is possible with temp work as you can flexibly work the hours of your choice. Further to this, 22% of parents with 2 or more children tend to choose temporary work because it means they can work around the needs of their family.

Could temporary work be an employment option for you? If so give us a call for temporary positions in Huntingdon.