Why Use A Recruiter Instead Of Just Applying Directly?

Having been in business for over 30 years, we speak to a lot of candidates. We are often asked why candidates should go through us instead of applying directly. It’s a question we love because it gives us a chance to talk to candidates about all the amazing things that we can do for them.

Firstly, their CV. The CV is the first impression you make to a potential employer. Here at Point Recruitment we are a team of experienced recruiters. We know how to make a CV look awesome and sell a candidate in the best possible light.

Very often an employer will only have time to speak to a candidate that looks perfect on paper. This can mean that if you don’t have everything the employer is looking for, you could miss out. Unless you use a recruiter of course. We are trusted by the employer and they will listen to us about why we have put this candidate forward and why we think they will be ideal for the vacant role.

One of the biggest benefits from going through a recruiter instead of just applying directly is that you’ll hear back. When employers advertise a job role, they may get hundreds of applicants for it. They don’t have the time to contact everyone that applied, so often they don’t. However, a recruiter will let you know if your CV has gone through to the next stage. They will also get feedback from the employer for you too.

Applying for multiple roles and never hearing back can be sole destroying. A recruiter will only put you forward for the roles they believe you will have a good chance at getting. They will stay in touch with you every step of the way. You’ll get CV and interview feedback and if you don’t get that job, they’ll start again on a new role and you can use the feedback to improve for your next interview.

A recruiter will also have roles that have just come in from the employer. They may not even advertise these roles because they have a candidate on their books that is just perfect for the role. If you have applied with a recruiter, then you could be this candidate they have in mind for the role.

Some people think that you have to pay to use a recruiter and that’s what puts them off. However, that’s not the case. The employer pays for the services of the recruiter. The candidate will never be charged for the services of a professional recruiter.

Looking for a new job? Why not try using a recruiter instead of just applying directly? It will pay off!