The reason that businesses use a recruitment agency consultant to help with their recruiting needs is simple. They want a professional to do the time-consuming job of trawling through CVs to find the best candidate. This is because they have to get on with running their business and managing other parts of the company.

However, why should a job seeker use a recruitment consultant when looking for work? We have put together some of the top ways a qualified recruitment agency consultant is the best possible option for a job seeker.

A Recruitment Consultant Offers You Professional Representation

A recruitment agency consultant has worked with the hiring manager of a company for some time and they have worked hard to build a relationship with that person. This means that the hiring manager trusts them and their opinion. Your CV is not just ‘a CV’. It is a CV that they have been given by a ‘trusted friend’ and they will be more likely to consider.

A Recruitment Consultant Gives You Access To Hidden Markets

Your recruitment agency consultant is often the first to know about a vacancy. Sometimes they will know about a vacancy before the business knows because they have interviewed their employee who is due to leave. Recruitment agency consultants are in the business of knowing and will often be sourcing the right candidates for a role before it is even advertised. A recruitment agency consultant can ensure you get in the door first.

A Recruitment Consultant Won’t Annoy Your Current Employer

Because you are working with a recruitment consultant your current, or ex, employer will only need to give your reference once. This means you are far more likely to get a glowing reference, than if every job you apply for ask your employer for your reference.

A Recruitment Consultant Helps You Think Outside the Box

Recruitment agency consultants spend their time working on all sorts of job roles. Some of which you may never have heard of but could be ideal for you. They will also know companies that you may never have heard of, but when you do you know they could be the perfect employer for you. A recruitment consultant could give you your next big break. This could be an opportunity you never considered yourself.

A Recruitment Consultant Saves You Time

Job seeking is an extremely time-consuming task, and even more so if you are still employed. When you work with a recruitment consultant you only have to send one CV and application form. The recruitment agency consultant can do the rest for you. You’ll also get interview feedback and job opportunity updates much quicker. This is because it is your recruiters full time job, not something you have to chase on your lunch break.

Perhaps the biggest benefit of working with a recruitment agency consultant when job seeking is because it is absolutely free. There is no charge at all!

If you’d like help searching for your next job then why not contact us directly. We’d be happy to help.