We know, it’s the last thing you want to do having spent a long time slaving over your CV, but a cover letter really can be the difference between a “Congratulations, you have made it through to the interview!” and a “Thanks, but no thanks”. Your CV is a great way of telling your prospective employer all about your work history, your education and your professional qualifications, but a great cover letter is the personal touch that lets them see your goals and motivations – a glimpse of the real you! So, we have put together some top tips to help you out with what you should include…

Hitting the right note

The cover letter should be formal in style with a professional tone. Check and double check your spelling and your grammar – it all goes a long way to making the right impression! Maybe ask a friend or a relative to proof read it – a fresh pair of eyes often picks up mistakes that you may have missed. Make sure your letter is no longer than one page – recruiters are busy, busy, busy and won’t have time to read anything too lengthy.

Tailor made

One size does not fit all! This is an opportunity to tailor the letter to the specific role that you are applying for. Look at the role description and give brief examples of how you meet the most important criteria. Also, take the opportunity to tailor the letter to the industry you are applying to and demonstrate your knowledge and experience of this sector.

Let’s talk about you…

Now you’ve told them why you would be the perfect choice for the role, don’t forget to tell them why you want to work for them in particular. This is your chance to demonstrate what you like about the company culture, mission and objectives. So, it’s time to do a little bit of research – take a look at their website for more information on what makes them tick. Also, don’t forget to ask your recruitment consultant who will be able to give you even more insight into the business.

Signing off

And lastly, sign off with a flourish! Give a brief round up, thanking the employer for their time in reading your cover letter and considering your application. Let them know how much you are looking forward to hearing back from them.

We hope this has given you food for thought and eased the process of cover letter writing. Once you have written a great letter, you should be able to use this as a basis for subsequent letters – but do always remember to tailor it for maximum impact.

If you need any further advice, our friendly team are always happy to take your call on 01480 431888 or drop them a line on vacancies@pointrecruitment.co.uk