You Have Seven Seconds To Impress With Your CV

Did you know that you just seven seconds to impress with your CV? This comes from research by Glassdoor who found that recruiters are taking an average of just seven seconds to look at a CV when they are shortlisting candidates.

While the team here at Point Recruitment don’t skim read CVs and spend a lot of time actually reading CVs so they can fully understand candidates, this is a majority survey report.

So, what can you do with your seven seconds to impress with your CV?

The first thing you need to do is make sure your CV stands out. Your CV needs to stand out from all the other candidates that are applying for the same job as you. Tailoring your CV with the keywords listed in the job description is a great way of doing this. You are clearly showing you have read the job description and meet the needs that the recruiter has for the role. The one thing that sets you apart from all the other applicants is you. Make sure you put ‘you’ in your CV.

If you are sending your CV, then get a little creative. A coloured envelope will make the CV stand out in the post. Why not include a KitKat that can be enjoyed while the recruiter reads your CV? Try to think outside the box, but don’t go crazy with it. However, if you are applying for a creative role – be really creative with your CV.

The perfect CV is the first step to getting your dream job. Take the time to write your CV. Make sure you personalise it to you and the job role.  Read the CV out aloud and ask yourself if you would hire you based on what you’ve read. The job market is becoming more competitive so take the time to ensure you use your seven seconds to really impress with your CV.

It’s important to keep a set template so the recruiter can easily see the skills, work experience and other things they expect to see on a CV, in the place they expect to see it. Make sure you clearly highlight the parts of your CV so the template and format is clear and easy to follow.

You may choose to change the format slightly, and that’s fine. However, you need to ensure that your contact information is at the top. You’d be amazed at how often this is forgotten by candidates. This should include your full name, address, email address and mobile number. A link to your LinkedIn page is good too, or a website if you have one and it’s relevant to the job.

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