Your Video Interview Check List

While the world is beginning to return to normal, there are some things that we did during lockdown that just worked better. For some businesses, this was video interviewing. Instead of dragging candidates into the offices for ‘getting to know you’ interviews, video interviews took their place. This worked a lot better for some business owners and has been a process that they want to keep in place.

In this blog post we share your video interview check list to increase the chances of you being successful in your next video interview.

  • Prepare

Check the technology that the interviewer will be using. Have you used it before? Do you have to download something on your computer to make it work? Do this technology preparation now so you don’t have any last-minute panics or rushes on the day of your interview. If you’re on a mobile device, make sure it is fully charged. Check your microphone and camera are booth working too.

  • Dress

Just because the interview is taking place at home it doesn’t mean you don’t need to dress the part. Dress as you would if you were attending the interview in person. Dressing to impress will boost your confidence. It will also give a great first impression.

  • Body Language

One of the first thigs forgotten in a video interview is body language. Make sure you speak loudly and clearly so the interviewer can hear you. Maintain eye contact as best as you can. Show you are actively engaged by nodding in agreement where relevant. Sit up straight as you would in an interview but most importantly, don’t forget to smile.

  • Surrounding Check

Quickly check your surroundings and the environment. If your have the TV of for someone else in the house turn it off or go to another room. Try and minimise distractions for both you and the interviewer. Check what the area looks like. You don’t want dirty laundry or the toilet in the background of your video interview.

  • Follow Up

Once the interview is over, send a follow up the interviewer. Thank them for their time to complete the interview. Explain what you liked about the interview and remind them why you would love to work for them. It’s a good opportunity to give them your contact details and availability once more too.

If you are feeling nervous about an upcoming interview, check out our other blogs full of interview tips. Alternatively, you can call our friendly team of recruitment consultants in Huntingdon.